"We have been working with C&J Contractors for years with the local utility company’s rebate program and it has been a win-win proposition for everyone. On the exterior, the bright white lighting adds to the security and curb appeal of the property and saves us substantially on our public service lighting bills. In addition, the Merritt customers who have participated in the program are realizing similar benefits."

Josie Kaminski

Merritt Properties  



“The savings on our electric bill was great and we got new lights for our restaurant for less than I ever would have expected.”


Michael Kapoor, Owner 

Columbia Wings



“Thank you C&J Contractors. Your staff was courteous, proficient and the project was completed on-time. They took the time to answer our questions and delivered as promised. Your staff’s competence and interest in the matter were remarkable.”


Joseph Lee, President

Technovation Data, Inc. 



“What a remarkable difference the new lights made in our sales area. The crew that came in to do the install was professional and quick with no disruption to our business.  I would recommend C&J Contractors to anyone who needs their old lights upgraded.”


Frank Frick, Owner

Spirit Shop